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Hire me to demonstrate a kitchen or cooking gadget, do a product review, or a collaboration to promote your company or brand. 

Below are my bona fides and expectations

Chef John Politte



Social Media

35K subscribers YouTube

1.3K subscribers Rumble

2K on Instagram


Content Campaign Fulfillment

Product video reviews & demonstrations produced and

uploaded in the Brands content definition & timetable


Creator  Deliverables


Drive traffic

Brand visibility

Reach a new audience



$40/edited video minute

Complimentary product(s) used in review

Creator attribution given on brand website/social media

Payment made before content is uploaded via Paypal



Creator Expectations

Clearly defined framework from brand

Image specifications

Unbroken product links and coupon codes provided from brand

Campaign specific timeline and scope of content

Written agreement preferred




Ownership of Content

  • Creator retains all rights to content-unless written permission is given to share content.

  • Written permission will be needed for any edited content for use by Brand in separate ad campaigns or commercials and will be approved by Creator.

  • Brand may re-use content from the Creator in a separate campaign, with a payment to Creator of $300 before ad is posted to social media.

Creator Exclusivity/Payment Agreement

  • Creator retains the rights to create content for other brands.

  • Creator will not be held to any non-compete obligations.

  • Payment will be agreed upon before the Creator begins work on the campaign content.

  • Brand may re-use content from the creator in a separate campaign, with a payment to creator of $300 before ad is posted to social media.


Termination of Agreement

  • Failure by the Creator to provide exclusive professional services for the Brand unless there has been a written consent. 

  • In the event the Brand does not compensate Creator, all media content will be removed from the Creators social media platforms.

  • The Brand does not provide the necessary information to the Creator for the content to be uploaded in the specified timeline.



Both Brand and Creator will accept standard contract clauses such as a non-disparagement clause

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