I created this absolutely fantastic all purpose  seasoning when I opened up the dining program at one of senior living buildings.  We use it in our hash browns, in our vegetables and soups, and our residents love it.


This 5 oz. bag is a perfect blend of herbs and spices.  All natural ingredients, no preservatives, additives or artificial flavors. Gluten and MSG free.


The label is created and produced by a local graphic artist from St. Paul  MN and the seasoning is processed, weighed, packaged and shipped from my culinary laboratory in Coon Rapids MN. We use nothing but quality sourced ingredients and we ship to you immediately after processing for maximum freshness and flavor.


Each custom seasoning comes in it's own plastic bag, sealed to prevent spillage during transport.

Seasonings may separate or settle during shipping, a few quick shakes should re-combine the ingredients.


Be sure to check out the video I made on how the production process works for my shop, or catch me on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/c/ChefJohnPolitteItsOnlyFood


Grab a bag or two today!  And thanks for stopping by!

All Purpose Seasoning

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