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Guadalajara's Mexican Restaurant-Keystone SD

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

I returned to Keystone South Dakota to do a follow up on a restaurant I reviewed ten years ago. To my dismay, Arriba's was gone, and a small cafeteria-styled establishment was in it's place. So we ambled our way up the boardwalk, passing many eateries crammed full of loud, hungry tourists, until we found Guadalajara's at the end of the street. Unusually quiet for lunchtime, out waiter Pablo took us to a nice booth in the back, got our drinks and took our order.

My wife ordered the Taco Salad and I the Tacos' Pastor. I asked Pablo why the place was so quiet for this time of day (lunchtime), he stated that the business is good, but really hard to predict. When the lunch is slow, the dinner rush is crazy, but the business is still quite good regardless. I am just glad I got to finally enjoy a quiet lunch and mosey about the place to take photos for this blog, without looking like a pretentious foodie.

The food was terrific-large portions, well-seasoned and served very hot. The service was impeccable-professional and friendly. I had not found a place that served club soda upon our arrival in South Dakota, but Pablo was able to make one for me from the bar.

The menu is full service Mexican. Starters like salad, soup and appetizers. Categories with tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, burritos and fajitas of all types, there are house specials consisting of pork, seafood, beef, chicken and some vegetarian options and a kids menu as well. A full bar and beer and wine is also available.

If you are visiting Keystone South Dakota to see Mt Rushmore, be sure to stop in Keystone and enjoy the great food and great service at Guadalajara's in downtown Keystone SD.

Located at 217 Winter St. in Keystone South Dakota 57751, their phone number is (605)666-4044. Hours are 11am-8pm Monday-Sunday.

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