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Kozlak's Royal Oaks Restaurant

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Opened in November of 1977 on the property that used to be The Sandpiper Restaurant, Kozlak’s Royal Oak Restaurant is one of the premier family owned eating establishments in the Twin Cities.

Emanating a 1980’s mood with its opulent crown molding, plastic plants, high ceilings and bay windows allowing a look onto the patio and garden, Kozlak’s takes you on  a trip back in time to the supper club days before chain restaurants and hip food trends spoiled the pleasure of dining out.

The service is top notch, attentive and knowledgeable of the menu, wine and chef specials.  The dining room is spacious but lacking an intimacy that couples may be looking for.  The tables are draped in white linen, set properly, and carefully displayed for the sequential tour through the meal.

The appetizer of bruschetta is a bit of a disappointment.  The tomatoes are a bit oxidized and flavorless, and for a cold first course, curiously served on a hot plate.  The house salad is remarkable, somewhere between a garden salad and a Caesar, tossed with a salty sweet mayonnaise-based dressing refreshingly created by the chef.  The twin medallions of beef are tender and perfectly cooked; the mashed potatoes are real potatoes, and are wonderfully whipped, seasoned and piled high alongside the entrée.  The vegetables are fresh, and not a frozen boxed variety that are delivered to restaurants these days. The risotto cakes were boring, bland, and undercooked, lacking the enjoyable crunch that accompanies something grilled with Panko bread crumbs.  The White Zinfandel was a good choice to match the earthiness of the beef, and paired along with the seasoning in the vegetables quite well.

The dessert choices are fresh but limited. The apples, caramel, and whipped cream served Neapolitan style in a small chimney glass is elegant, simple, and a wonderful way to end the meal.

Kozlak’s also has banquet space, on and off-site catering and an outstanding New Orleans Jazz Brunch on Sunday’s.  Too find out more, visit

When searching for a pleasant, uncomplicated meal, with a menu that has a proven shelf life and a staff that treats you like a customer and not a number, then you will enjoy Kozlak’s Royal Oak Restaurant.

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